1. Recipes

    I should start to write my own. But I tend not to feel like it. But it might be good, right? Maybe if I get more creative in the kitchen. I have no idea where to start…I just tend to improvise. 

    It might be smart to track what I eat and make “meal plans” of sorts. That might be easier. I’m not really a recipe kind of guy. I know what tastes or sounds good and I go from there. 

    What do you do?

  2. mssnglnk:

    Tea Smoked trout and sauteed broccolini. Opted out of the savory french toast…i need a bigger kitchen.

  3. mssnglnk:

    Gluten free chicken fingers and green beans. The breading is a melange of spice, potato starch and gf flour. #foodhat

  4. mssnglnk:

    “Fast Food”

  5. I never realize how other people eat. I mean living in a bit of a city bubble, when I do eat out I can self-select a bit. But I am always sort if surprised when other people’s cupboards are filled with box food.

  6. I’ve auditioned lots of granola brands as I’ve had to change my snack regimen over the past year and this is by my far my favorite of any of the others. If you like raisins, it’s worth it. Unlike a lot of other granola brands, you can taste the flavors, it’s not boring and yet, not so complex you feel like you’re going to ruin your teeth with copious amounts of nuts and stuff. (It’s also nut free)

  7. courtenaybird:

    How Tech Has Changed How We Cook - The Atlantic

    The cooking site AllRecipes was founded 15 years ago by a group of food-loving anthropology grad students. In 1999, the then-two-year-old site surveyed its users, asking them questions about why and when and how they cook. Now, to commemorate its birthday, AllRecipes re-conducted that same survey, asking its current users the same questions it asked back in 1999. 

  8. I decided that cooking at 1130p made sense somehow. Rice was on earlier. Corn tortillas await. Mostly for tomorrow, will eat one tonight even though it’s too late to eat.

  9. Blackened Swordfish with (gluten-free) pasta and olive oil. 

    I ate late, so I decided to opt out of the pasta sauce. The other half of this swordfish steak I’ll eat tomorrow for lunch. Blackened swordfish salad using field greens and cherry tomatoes.

  10. Gluten-free red velvet home. My picture didn’t look as good as the recipe tho, so I replaced it.

    The original recipe is way better than how mine look, I had to adapt it.